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Bangladesh trademark registration and Patent Registration

In Bangladesh, trademark registration is handled by the Department of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (DPDT). Any person claiming to be the owner of a trademark already in use or proposed to be used in Bangladesh may apply in writing for Trademark registration in the prescribed manner. An applicant must submit an application for trademark registration to the DPDT’s Trademark Registry Wing.

In Bangladesh, service marks can also be registered. Applicants can apply for service mark registration in Bangladesh. For this purpose, the International Nice Classification of Services applies.

Location Based Trademark
Company Based Trademark
Journal Trademark
Opposition of the Mark


A registered trademark is valid for seven (7) years from the date of filing and is renewable for subsequent periods of ten (10) years.

Renewal fees must be paid prior to the expiry date, but no later than six months before the expiry date. Late renewals are possible, usually up to four months after the expiration date, with the payment of late fees. Extensions at the Registrar’s discretion are granted liberally with the payment of additional fees.



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When the rights of the owner of a registered trademark are violated, the owner can seek redress through a civil or criminal proceeding. Any suit for trademark infringement or to establish the right or any ratified right respecting trademark must be filed in the Court of District Judge whose jurisdiction the infringement occurred. A criminal proceeding must be initiated in the Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court or any other 1st class Judicial Magistrate’s Court. In a suit for infringement, remedies may include an injunction, damages, an account of profit, the destruction or erasure of the falsifying trademark, and the delivery up of the goods marked with the false trademark.

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