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Patent Registration in Bangladesh


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Patents are essential in today’s competitive marketplace for businesses to protect their valuable investments of time and resources in product development. A patent is a right granted to the patent holder to prevent others from making, using, or selling the invention covered by the patent. The Bangladesh Patent Office grants the right under the Patents Act of 2022.
Our firm frequently assists clients from a variety of industries in obtaining and enforcing patents. In terms of patent rights protection, we offer the following services:


  • Provide guidance on the patentability/registrability of inventions or ideas.
  • Conducting a search for the validity and status of existing patents
  • Application preparation and prosecution for patent grants
  • Defending patent rights against infringement by a third party
  • Patent renewal and upkeep
  • Licensing and Assignment
  • Change of name/address documentation
  • Pre- and/or post-grant modification
  • Keep an eye on the Patent Journal.
  • Portfolio administration

Best Patent Registration Law Firm in Bangladesh

A patent is a form of intellectual property that, upon payment of the required fees, grants its owner or inventor the legal right to prevent third parties from creating, using, or commercializing the invention for 16 years. This period of protection may be extended.

Any citizen of Bangladesh or foreign national may apply for a patent individually or jointly under Section 3 of the Patent & Design Act, 1911. The application must be submitted to the Department of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (DPDT) using the forms provided. The inventor’s application must include a statement attesting to the applicant’s ownership of the patent. In a joint application, the full specification must be annexed by one of the applicants—claiming to be the legitimate and first inventor—or by that applicant’s legal representative or assign.

A provisional (Form-3) or complete (Form-3A) specification must be submitted with a patent application (Form-1). Within nine months of the date that Forms 1 and 3 were submitted, a complete specification must be submitted if any applicant submitted a patent application with a provisional specification. If Form-3A is not submitted, the primary patent application will be deemed to have expired. A comprehensive specification must contain the inventor’s name, address, invention title, abstract, synopsis, description, drawing outlining the nature and method of the invention’s execution, and claims outlining the invention’s scope for which the inventor seeks protection.

Following submission, the aforementioned applications are forwarded to an examiner who has been recommended for review by the patent registrar. The application is then published in the Gazette if the examiner has no objections. The Registrar is required to issue patent letters if no opposition is received. Additionally, in compliance with the patent regulations, the patentee must file Form 8 along with the required fee if they wish to have their patent sealed.


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Register your patent in Bangladesh with us

Patent Registration Fee levied by the government

  • Specification provisional 1,000 BDT
  • BANK DRAFT – Typical application 2,000 BDT
  • Priority application 10,000 Bangladeshi Taka
  • Complete the 3,000 BDT specification form.
  • A fee of 3,000 BDT is charged for sealing.

Documents Required for Patent Registration

Some information and documents are required to complete the provisional and complete specification form.

  • The title of the invention, the nature of the invention, and how it will be performed.
  • Whether the invention is a product, a device, a process, or both.
  • The goal of the invention.
  • A brief description of the drawings (if any) is provided.
  • A detailed description of the invention, including any accompanying drawings (if any).
  • The invention’s novelty.
  • The invention’s inventive steps.
  • The invention’s industrial applicability.