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Protect their industrial designs in Bangladesh


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We advise local and international clients on how to protect their industrial designs and handle the filing and prosecution of industrial design applications before the Registry. To protect design rights, our firm offers the following services:


  • Pre-filing Investigation
  • Filing and prosecuting Design
  • Registration Applications
  • Litigation includes cancellation
  • proceedings as well as civil suits for infringement.
  • Journal monitoring services
  • Services Following Registration
  • Maintenance and renewals
  • Portfolio Assignment and Licensing Management

Design Registration Law Firm in Bangladesh

Design registration in Bangladesh is simple and straightforward. The following information is required for design registration or protection in Bangladesh: 2023 Bangladesh Industrial Designs Act


Any person claiming to be the owner of a new or original design that has not previously been published in Bangladesh may apply for design registration in the prescribed form. When a design is registered, it is registered as of the date of the application for registration, and the Controller issues a certificate of registration to the design’s proprietor when the design is registered.


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Register your industrial design in Bangladesh with us

Copyright in Registered Designs: Upon registration, the registered owner of the design will have copyright in the design for a period of five years from the date of application, renewable for a further two and a third five-year periods after that first period expires. On the other hand, you can submit a renewal application in design at any time prior to expiration. Additionally, more than one term may be renewed at once.

Term of Design: Each design has a twenty-five-year term that begins on the date of creation and must be renewed every five years before it expires on the tenth year.

The registration period may be extended up to three (3) times at intervals of five (5) years, subject to the payment of the required fees. There is a six-month grace period in place.